UVHAA: Fighting HIV/AIDS and Poverty

Since 2002 UVHAA has been successfully implementing outreach programmes to people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS in the communities of the Umdoni and Vulamehlo local municipalities. These are located in deeply rural regions of Southern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and have a population of around 145,000. The Province of KwaZulu Natal has a population of 10.5 million people, and 3.42 million, are younger than 15.

South Africa remains the country with the largest HIV and AIDS epidemic in the world. In 2013 out of a total population of 52.98 million an estimated 5.26 million South Africans were HIV positive.  With improved access to treatment 2 million people are now on ARV treatment.

In the province of KwaZulu Natal the epidemic has reached a mature phase and this province experiences the second most severe epidemic in the country. The effect on children and grandparents has been devastating and access to services to help these children and their families is needed desperately.

In KwaZulu Natal the overall prevalence rate is 10% but for women attending public health clinics who are 15-49 years the rate is 27.6%, and for the 30-34 age group the rate is 36.8% . It is estimated that 31.9% of deaths are due to HIV.

Please read though our site to learn more - and please consider whether you are able to offer us any assistance, in order to help us to help these desperately disadvantaged communities, where against all odds, hope exists, and which our work helps to sustain.

Above figures have been taken from the summary of provincial HIV and AIDS statistics and a presentation by Dr. Olive Shisana of HSRC in Durban.