UVHAA Presentation on Changing Focus

UVHAA Presentation on Changing Focus

In the first part of this presentation UVHAA announced its intention of changing focus in 2011 to becoming a mentoring and supporting organisation for Home Based Care, rather than a “hands on” organisation as it is at present.  We have taken this decision for a number of reasons.

  1. A great deal of training has been given to Community Based Organisations (CBO) over the past five years.
  2. The present Committee has a number of older members who wish to devote their time to skills transfer and support while still able to do this.  Our Zulu members already belong to CBOs.
  3. It is sensible for CBOs to run projects from within their local community areas.
  4. The target date for UVHAA to stop functioning is March 2012.

 This presentation provides information on where UVHAA is at present, what steps it has taken already and what steps it intends to take in the future.

Present Time Line

All our major contracts are of one year duration, but they all have different completion dates.

Home Based Care and OVC support

Funder - Contract ends

SACA Charitable Trust - 31st January 2011

DG Murray Trust - 31st December 2010

OXFAM - 30th June 2011

SLF 1 (HBC) - 31st December 2010

SLF 2 (Capacity building) - 31st December 2010

SLF 3 (Caring for Care Workers) -  31st May 2011

Department of Health - 31st March 2011


Cultural Health Programme for Men as Partners and Fathers

AFSA - 31st March 2011


What have we done at present?

  1. Organised the November workshop to bring all groups together and hear their concerns
  2. Approached the SAGA Charitable Trust to allow us to continue to use existing funds until 31st March 2011.
  3. Discussed verbally if they will consider funding the Amandawe Community Care Centre directly from April 2011.  The full written proposal to follow on if the decision for point 2 is favourable.  Their Board next meets in the first week of December.
  4. Discussed our intentions verbally with the Department of Health.


What must we do in the near future

  1. Meet with OXFAM on Monday 22nd November to propose that from July 2011 they fund the Vulamehlo Primary Health Care forum directly.
  2. Out line the current developments to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
  3. Ascertain if the Stephen Lewis Foundation will accept a proposal from UVHAA to continue HBC for a further six months – until 30th June 2011.  After which would they consider funding the Vulamehlo Primary Health Care forum from 1st July to 31st December 2011.
  4. Propose to AFSA that we put in a proposal for the second year of the CHP programme until March 2012, and that we restructure the programme to work more closely with HBC and set down more definite indicators and goals.
  5. Assist groups to tender for contracts with the Department of Health to enable them to be funded directly.