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In all our work, our vision is:

To have an improved quality of life for people, especially children, affected and infected by HIV and AIDS, by supporting care in a family setting to orphans and other vulnerable children, providing home based care to adults and children, and reducing poverty.

To have a reduction in the incidence of infections as evidenced by ante-natal statistics, through the close co-operation of private and governmental organizations in Umdoni and Vulamehlo.

And our mission is:

To provide Home Based Care for people affected by HIV and AIDS and TB, and support those taking ante retroviral drugs; and to work towards empowering community support groups to enable them to provide care in their own communities.

To care for orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) through our Child Headed Family project, and by supporting grandmothers and members of extended families.

To prevent new HIV infections through information sharing and encouraging and supporting behavioural change.

To raise awareness of HIV and AIDS and work towards destigmatizing people affected and infected by HIV.

To assist income generating and poverty alleviating projects for individuals and HIV Community Care and Support Groups.